How Do You Add or Create a New Surface?


This command creates a simple 2 row and 2 column surface made up of 4 points.


To add or create a new surface:

1.   Select the Surf-Add Surf command.

2.   Using the left mouse button, pick the 4 corners of this simple surface. You need to enter the points in a back and forth sequence rather than in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion: row 1, col 1; row 1, col 2; row 2, col 1; then row 2, col 2. Actually, you can enter the points where-ever you wish and then use the Edit-Move Point command to reposition their locations.

3.   Repeat step 2 as many times as you would want to make additional surfaces. The Add Surf command will stay active or current until you select another command.


Note 1: To increase the flexibility of the surface, you need to add additional rows and columns.


Note 2: Surfaces can also be created by extrusion, skinning, and automatically creating 3D objects.