How Do You Attach a Point to a Surface?


This command is used to attach any edit point (on any type of relationship) to a surface entity. Once attached, the point can be dragged anywhere on the surface. If the surface is modified, the attached point will move to remain attached to the surface.


To attach any edit point to a surface entity:

1.   Select the Edit-Fix Pnt To Surface command.

2.   First, pick the edit point you wish to attach to the surface.

3.   Second, pick the surface you wish to attach the point to. You can pick anywhere within the boundaries of the surface. The point will be attached to the surface at that point.

4.   Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you want. The Fix Pnt To Surface command will stay active or current until you select another command.


Note 1: Once the point is attached, it can be dragged anywhere on the surface.


Note 2: If the attached-to surface is modified, then all attached points will be modified to stay attached.


Note 3: If there is more than one surface in the area where you wish to attach the point, then you first must “hide” the other surfaces while you perform this operation. (See the “hide” and “un-hide” buttons on the toolbar.)


Note 4: To cancel this relationship, you need to use the Point-Un Relate Point command. This command will delete all relationships associated with the picked point. It will not, however, delete the point.


Note 5: If you attach some of the points of a curve to a surface, then just those points will be attached to the surface. The shape of the curve between the points is not guaranteed to be exactly on the surface. However, when you attach the last point of a curve onto one surface, then the program will automatically convert the curve to a true parametric curve on the surface. All of the individual merge point to surface relationships will be replaced with one curve-on-surface relationship. The curve will now lie exactly on the surface.