How Do You Bond Surfaces Together?


To bond two surfaces together at a common edge:

1.   Merge or match two surfaces edges together, point-for-point. This can be done with the Edit-Match Point-Match 3D command or with the Edit-Merge Pnt To Pnt command.

2.   Select the Surf-Bond Edges-Bond Edge command.

3.   Position the cursor over the common edge between the two surfaces and click the left mouse button.

4.   Repeat step 3 as many times as you want. The Bond Edge command will stay active or current until you select another command.


Note 1: The surface edges must match up exactly, point-for-point before you can use the Bond Edge command.


Note 2: If the edges were previously merged using the Merge Pnt To Pnt command, then those relationships will be replaced with just one bonded edge relationship.