How Do You Fix a Point Relative to Another Point?


This command is used to fix an edit point (on any type of entity) relative to an edit point on any other entity. This means that the first point picked is dependent on the position of the second point picked (the primary point). The dependent point will always stay the same (delta X,Y,Z) distance from the primary point. Specifically, if you move the primary point, the dependent point will follow along at the same distance. If, however, you move the dependent point, the primary point will not move, but its relative (delta X,Y,Z) distance will be updated in the relationship definition. This allows you to change the relative fix distance after the relationship has been created.


To fix one point relative to another point:

1.   Select the Edit-Fix Pnt Rel Pnt command.

2.   First, pick the point you want to be the dependent point.

3.   Second, pick the point you want to be the primary, controlling point.

4.   Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you want. The Fix Pnt Rel Pnt command will stay active or current until you select another command.


Note 1: You can adjust the relative dependent position anytime after creating the relationship. Just move the dependent point and the relationship distance will automatically update itself.


Note 2: You can chain these relationships Ė one point can be dependent on another point, which is dependent on another point, and so forth. You just canít have a completely circular chain of relationships.


Note 3: To cancel this relationship, you need to use the Point-Un Relate Point command. This command will delete all relationships associated with the picked point. It will not, however, delete the point.