What is a Point Entity?


The point entity does not seem very exciting or useful for 3D modeling. However, there are many times when points can be extremely helpful. A point is an entity that represents a location in space, defined by its X,Y,Z position. You can add a point, delete a point, move a point, and set its color and marker type. It doesnít have any real size and it canít be used to represent 3D objects. You can, however, use it to define target positions that must be matched up by other geometry, like curves or surfaces. For example, you might read into Pilot3D (via DXF or IGES file), a collection of points that were obtained from a 3D digitizing device. You can re-create the object by creating surfaces that match the input points. For example, you can use the input points to create curves in Pilot3D that can be skinned into full NURB surfaces. Some of the best uses of points are in the reconstruction or reverse engineering of existing objects.