What is Pilot3D?


Pilot3D is a relationally-based trimmed NURB surface modeler.


Pilot3D is a program that can be used to create realistic 3-dimensional models of all kinds, both real and imaginary. To do this, the program provides point entities, line entities, polyline entities, curve entities, surface entities and relational constructs. The curve and surface entities are defined using NURBs. (See the topic called “What is a NURB?”) The 3D objects are made up of the NURB surfaces, but the other entities can be used to help create the surfaces. The 3D models can either be open surfaces or closed, solid models. Although Pilot3D can create true, closed and bonded 3D solids, it is not considered to be a solid modeler and it does not use either the ACIS or Parasolid kernel. In addition to the NURB geometry, Pilot3D adds a variety of constraints that maintain geometry relationships automatically and dynamically. For example, one of the constraints maintains a bonded relationship between polysurfaces joined edge-to-edge during editing changes.