How Do You Change the Curve/Knuckle Indicator?


This command changes the curvefit indicator code of a curve entity edit point back and forth from a knuckle ‘k’ point to a curvefit ‘c’ point.


To convert or “toggle” a curve point to or from a curvefit or knuckle point:

1.   Select the Curve-Knuckle Toggle command.

2.   Position the cursor over the curve point you wish convert and click on the left mouse button.

3.   Repeat step 2 as many times as you want. The Knuckle Toggle command will stay active or current until you select another command.


Note 1: You can “toggle” any point in any curve at any time. You do not have to pre-select the geometry before using this command.


Note 2: This command does not apply to edit points at the ends of the curve entity.