How Do You Join Curve Entities Together?


This command allows you to combine two separate curve entities into one, end-to-end. If you first wish to identify separate curve entities, you can use the View-Highlight Entity command or right click on the entity and change its color.


To join two curves together:

1.   Make sure that the two curve entities match exactly at the join position. This can be done by moving one of the curves or using the Edit-Match Point-Match 3D command to make sure that the two curves match at the join position.

2.   Select the Curve-Join Curves command.

3.   Place the cursor over the join position point at the juncture of the two curves and click the left mouse button. The program will combine the two separate curve entities into one curve entity. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you want.


Note: The combined curve entity assumes the attributes of one of the two previous curves.